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RouteMyNumber allows you to route your phone number to many different routing services.  Transfer your existing number to us, or pick a new US local or Toll Free Number.

Route your number to any of the following services:

Emailed to you as an attachment or you can retrieve messages by phone.

Cell Phone(s) or Landline(s)
Route your number to one or more cell phones and landlines simultaneously or in the order of your choice.

Fax Service
Send and receive faxes by email.  Additional fee required.

Virtual Calling Card
Place US and international calls. 

Call Recorder
Record conversations for calls based on time or caller id.

Notification Service
Press 1 to accept call or 2 to send to voicemail.  Call screening is also available.

Call Blocking Service
Block all unwanted calls.

Recording Studio
Record informational messages, afterhour greetings, or direct your caller to press 1 for sales, 2 for support or 3 for voicemail.  Make your own recordings, use pre-recorded messages, or pay for professional recordings.

Audio Conferencing
Host conference calls. 


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